The Campout Preadventure Revealed!

This past Sunday the realm had the pleasure of finding out just what Eileana’Reult and The United Tribes had in store for us! Leading up to the event there were ominous clues scattered in the in-character newspaper that  drew many conclusions as to what was lurking in the  Eileana’Reult countryside, from jabberwocks to chupacabras, guesses were all across the board. Continue reading

Land Marshal Adventure Day – Results!

While most adventure days pit the realm as a whole against a common threat, for the Land Marshal Adventure day, each country was separated off on their own, fending for themselves in an adventure of their own choosing.  Countries who fought valiantly find bountiful rewards, in the form of gold, silver, or even entire structures.  Countries who bit off more than they could chew, however, face dire consequences; not only are lives and valuable currency lost, but terrible curses as well!

Goblins! The Undead! Dopplegangers! Dwarvish Mines!  SHRIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!?  Castle sieges, old knights, and more!  All sorts of adventures were to be had this week.  So, did your country look in the mirror and find courage?  Or were they cut down to size by their enemies?

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Icebreakers on Sunday, and Wednesday Knights in Garb!

A friendly reminder that this Sunday’s even is an Icebreaker hosted by Maalkara.  Our Icebreaker events are meant to mix up newer players with veterans for friendly competition, so be sure to bring out your friends who haven’t tried the game before!

Remember that your first event with ORCS is FREE!  This Sunday is a good time to test your moves alongside and against the most experience fighters on our field, or perhaps try out a new weapon combination you’ve always thought looked interesting.

Also, as some of you may know, the Wednesday Knights practice every Wednesday night at Yorktown Beach, on the hill by the Ben and Jerry’s.  For next practice, we are planning to practice in full garb and armor and having a photo shoot!

The warmer weather has been drawing crowds to watch us fight, so bring your best outfit, grab some foam, and come out to practice on Wednesday, May 28 at 6:30PM!  You can get directions to the practice here.

See you this Sunday!

May 11, 2014: Ship and Siege Battles hosted by Eztal-Ajim

((Fair winds and godspeed to everyone on their journey home!

Today’s event was a pair of ship and siege battles, complete with mutiny and a pirate’s booty to be looted and hoarded.  Thank you to the Tribal Lands of Eztal-Ajim for hosting and eldering today’s event!

A coffer of fifty silvers was awarded to Kris Kringle.  He may spend all winter in his Wonderland making toys for all the good little boys and girls, but he spends his summers on the high seas pillaging and looting, and his roleplay as ship’s captain today earned him his private keep!

An additional award of fifty silver was awarded to Decklin.  His makeup, including on top of his head, and entire ensemble show he isn’t just a captain by way of mutiny, but because he’s a true pirate through and through.

But which one of these captains, led their hand-picked crews to the thrills of victory?  Who led them, instead, to the maw of Davy Jones’ Locker and a watery grave?

Find out more on the other side of the jump!  For now, sail safe, and see you again in two weeks for our next event.  Maalkara is hosting an Icebreaker event, so be sure to invite your friends to come out and swing some swords with us!)))

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‘Dis Sunday be Pirate’s Day! Ship’n’Siege Battles hosted by Eztal-Ajim!

Thar be three special prizes bein’ awarded at our next event, all in th’ name ‘o th’ theme: Pirate’s Day!

First, thar be a fifty silver prize bein’ awarded to th’ landlubber in th’ best pirate costume!

Second, another fifty silver gunna be given to th’ best roleplayin’ scurvy pirate!

‘n, finally, another purse ‘o fifty silver gunna simply be in fight, ‘n th’ winner gunna be decided as Blackbeard himself would: finders, keepers! Whoever has th’ purse at th’ end ‘o th’ day gunna keep it as their reward! These prizes gunna all earned while participatin’ in a Pirate Ship ‘n Siege battles, as crews ‘o salty sea dogs sword fight to take over th’ other boat. Th’ winners get a pair boats to be off pillagin’ wit'; th’ losers go swimmin’ wit’ Davy Jones himself!

Spy wit’ ye eye ye ‘dis Sunday at Gosnold’s!

"I didn't quite catch that, can you try again in English?"

There are three special prizes being awarded at our next event, all in the spirit of the theme: Pirate’s Day!

First, there is a fifty silver prize being awarded to the landlubber in the best pirate costume!

Second, another fifty silver will be given to the best roleplaying pirate!

And, finally, another purse of fifty silver will simply be in play, and the winner will be decided in true pirate fashion: finders, keepers!  Whoever has the purse at the end of the day will keep it as their reward!

These prizes will all earned while participating in a pirate-style ship and siege battle, as two crews of salty sea dogs fight to take over the other boat.  The winners get two boats to go pillaging with; the losers go swimming with Davy Jones!

See you this Sunday at Gosnold’s!

April 27, 2014: Caravan Battles hosted by Darklon

((  This day wasn’t a good day to die.  It was a good day to live!  Enjoy the wonderful, spring breeze…the warm sun…the perfect day for relaxing.  Or for caving your friend’s faces in with your flail.  Tomato, tomahtoe.

There was a fantastic turnout for our caravan battles.  Thank you to Darklon for Eldering our event today!

The front lines pushed back and forth constantly, with neither side being able to take a definitive edge for very long.  Spellcasters who stopped to read often found their shield wall had left without them.  Advancing shield walls often met up with these pre-cast spellcasters, sealing their fates in thunder and fire.

Or, in the case of Lord Fencalir, ice.  At least three times.

Or, in the case of Luscious, a friendly-fire mishap with a Hold Person spell.

The realm lies, surprisingly, in a period of peace, with no active wars being fought for the time being.  But what do the newly found Lost Kingdoms have planned for themselves?  Will the New Republic look to shake things up?

And, most mysteriously of all, where did this new Coward Courier come from?  Who is the author, and what is his or her goal?  They say that the quill is far mightier than the sword, and wars have been fought over far pettier things than mere words on a parchment.  What role will this newsletter play in the future?

To find out, come to Gosnold’s on May 11th for A Pirate-Themed Ship-and-Siege battle hosted by The United Tribes of Eztalmende and Ajimallo.  There will be pirate costumes!  There will be pirate roleplay!  There will be pirate booty!

Be there or be square, mateys! ))

The Fire Giants have been Defeated!

(( A huge thank you to Ascendia, the Land of Blood, as well as The Bloody Axe Mercenary Group for playing host to the realm for this weekend!  The banter of the fire giants made for some fantastic roleplay.  When the realm is attacked by Fire Giants in the future, the best thing to do isn’t to cast Ice Storm, its to fill their bellies with stew and ale!  Or paralysis potions.

The Fire Giants that plagued our lands in February have finally been defeated, and their spoils claimed for the banners of the realm!  Click through the jump for more details.

We also want to welcome the newest banner in our realm, The Lost Kingdoms.  They made quite a name for themselves over this weekend.  Their determination earned them a self-named ‘Temple of Time,’ and their generosity was apparent over the weekend.  The Kingdoms were eager to share their water, drink, and foodstuffs with their newfound companions of the realm.

You can read the article below to find out the winners, or click this spoiler tag here for a breakdown.

Awards for the Campout

Druid’s Grove — Tyrcath
Flag of Tyrcath This druid’s grove is specially as the only grove with a structure, specifically the largest tree known to exist in our realm.  The hollowed-out inside of the tree provides excellent defense against wall-climbers, arrows and casters, as there are no walls to climb or shoot over, but there is no front door to protect them, either.
Temple — The Lost Kingdoms
nof The Kingdoms’ new Temple of Time is built with either magic or material so strong, it simply repels any physical attempts to break down its walls.  Siege weapons and battering rams have no effect on its walls whatsoever.  The new kingdom made a strong showing in their debut adventures, already claiming their first structure!
Mage’s Tower — Eztal-Ajim
Eztal-Small The Tribal Lands win their mage tower through, among other things, sheer determination.  Most of their camp was moved into the tower itself so the tribe could spend the night within its walls, and two lone tribesman sneaked the siege weapon out to the tower under the cover of darkness to reinforce the position even more.  This tower has a door protected against magic of all kinds, and it can only be destroyed with siege weapons or a battering ram.
Roleplay Award — Eztal-Ajim
Eztal-Small The Elders awarded this weekend’s roleplay award to the Tribal Lands of Eztalmende and Ajimallo, for their bravery and dedication in holding the siege tower.  By setting up camp inside the tower overnight and fighting back against Giant Shamans and their Time Stop spells, as well as allowing others to take shelter from the giants in its walls, the Tribal Lands created a choke point for the realm to fight back against the Fire Giants.  Even when the giants forced the Tribe out of the tower, and it was obvious the structure would be theirs at the end of the weekend, they returned again and again to keep their claim on the Tower of King Draconis.

There is a Senate meeting at our next event on April 27th.  The new armor system is being discussed, as well as epic-level class abilities and more.  Be sure to read up on the details!

See you again in two weeks, for Caravan Battles hosted by Darklon! ))

So follow the events of April 11th – 13th, 14C.E., These are the 26th – 28th days of the Tenth Summer of Orcs.

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[Senate] [OOC] New Business || March 30, 2014

A slew of new proposals came before the Senate today!  These will be discussed and voted on at the next Senate meeting two events from now, April 27, 2014.

To see all of this week’s proposals in a PDF format, click here!

Click on each link to see the proposals before the Senate.  Discuss them with your compatriots and prepare to vote on April 27th!

The Realm Companion | The 14C.E. Spring Noble’s Tournament!

((Spring is just around the corner! Finally!

What better way to kick off the new season and finally shake off the shackles of Old Man Winter than with a tournament!  Glory! Honor! Triumph!  All good things that all good knights hope to claim as their own!

The day was not without its share of other events, either.  Though the weather threatened things as the day wore on, the fighting was fierce and the drama intense!

See you again in two weeks when Tyrcath hosts an Elder’s Choice event!))

So follow the events of March 16th, 14C.E.  This is the 176th day of the Ninth Winter of Orcs.

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