The Fire Giants have been Defeated!

(( A huge thank you to Ascendia, the Land of Blood, as well as The Bloody Axe Mercenary Group for playing host to the realm for this weekend!  The banter of the fire giants made for some fantastic roleplay.  When the realm is attacked by Fire Giants in the future, the best thing to do isn’t to cast Ice Storm, its to fill their bellies with stew and ale!  Or paralysis potions.

The Fire Giants that plagued our lands in February have finally been defeated, and their spoils claimed for the banners of the realm!  Click through the jump for more details.

We also want to welcome the newest banner in our realm, The Lost Kingdoms.  They made quite a name for themselves over this weekend.  Their determination earned them a self-named ‘Temple of Time,’ and their generosity was apparent over the weekend.  The Kingdoms were eager to share their water, drink, and foodstuffs with their newfound companions of the realm.

You can read the article below to find out the winners, or click this spoiler tag here for a breakdown.

Spoiler for Awards for the Campout

Druid’s Grove — Tyrcath
Flag of Tyrcath This druid’s grove is specially as the only grove with a structure, specifically the largest tree known to exist in our realm.  The hollowed-out inside of the tree provides excellent defense against wall-climbers, arrows and casters, as there are no walls to climb or shoot over, but there is no front door to protect them, either.
Temple — The Lost Kingdoms
nof The Kingdoms’ new Temple of Time is built with either magic or material so strong, it simply repels any physical attempts to break down its walls.  Siege weapons and battering rams have no effect on its walls whatsoever.  The new kingdom made a strong showing in their debut adventures, already claiming their first structure!
Mage’s Tower — Eztal-Ajim
Eztal-Small The Tribal Lands win their mage tower through, among other things, sheer determination.  Most of their camp was moved into the tower itself so the tribe could spend the night within its walls, and two lone tribesman sneaked the siege weapon out to the tower under the cover of darkness to reinforce the position even more.  This tower has a door protected against magic of all kinds, and it can only be destroyed with siege weapons or a battering ram.
Roleplay Award — Eztal-Ajim
Eztal-Small The Elders awarded this weekend’s roleplay award to the Tribal Lands of Eztalmende and Ajimallo, for their bravery and dedication in holding the siege tower.  By setting up camp inside the tower overnight and fighting back against Giant Shamans and their Time Stop spells, as well as allowing others to take shelter from the giants in its walls, the Tribal Lands created a choke point for the realm to fight back against the Fire Giants.  Even when the giants forced the Tribe out of the tower, and it was obvious the structure would be theirs at the end of the weekend, they returned again and again to keep their claim on the Tower of King Draconis.

There is a Senate meeting at our next event on April 27th.  The new armor system is being discussed, as well as epic-level class abilities and more.  Be sure to read up on the details!

See you again in two weeks, for Caravan Battles hosted by Darklon! ))

So follow the events of April 11th – 13th, 14C.E., These are the 26th – 28th days of the Tenth Summer of Orcs.

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[Senate] [OOC] New Business || March 30, 2014

A slew of new proposals came before the Senate today!  These will be discussed and voted on at the next Senate meeting two events from now, April 27, 2014.

To see all of this week’s proposals in a PDF format, click here!

Click on each link to see the proposals before the Senate.  Discuss them with your compatriots and prepare to vote on April 27th!

The Realm Companion | The 14C.E. Spring Noble’s Tournament!

((Spring is just around the corner! Finally!

What better way to kick off the new season and finally shake off the shackles of Old Man Winter than with a tournament!  Glory! Honor! Triumph!  All good things that all good knights hope to claim as their own!

The day was not without its share of other events, either.  Though the weather threatened things as the day wore on, the fighting was fierce and the drama intense!

See you again in two weeks when Tyrcath hosts an Elder’s Choice event!))

So follow the events of March 16th, 14C.E.  This is the 176th day of the Ninth Winter of Orcs.

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The Realm Companion for Winter 162, 14C.E. | Mar. 2nd, Two Team Battles Hosted by Maalkara

((Short sleeved shirts — if any at all — were high in demand.  After weeks of fighting and adventuring in ankle-deep mud and puddles of water, the dieties of the realm finally blessed us with a wonderful Sunday of weather!

What a shame to stain such a beautiful day with the blood, sweat, and tears of war and death.  Alas, the world turns ever onwards, and the gods of war and battle and blood wait for no mere mortal nor their petty fancies with the climate.

Today saw a battle at Kalammar between Tyrcath and the defending R’Lyehans, but not before a great deal of words were traded.  Criminals? Banishment? What sort of words were spoken, what plans are in the works?

Out at sea, Tyrcath added a new ship to her fleet.  The frigate captured was the Flagship of Eztal-Ajim, The Crimson Tide. This will surely put a strain on relations between the two nations, but with both armies fighting battles far from home already, how will things play out?

Come back in two weeks to find out!  See you then for the Spring Tournament hosted by the Noble Council, when the skills of our realm’s champions will be put to the test with their pride on the line!))

So follow the events of March 2nd, 14C.E.  This is the 162nd day of the Ninth Winter of Orcs.

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The Realm Companion for Winter 148 | Feb. 16 Adventures Hosted by Ascendia, with The Bloody Axe

((Shakespeare once said that a muse of fire would ‘ascend the highest heaven of invention. Shakespeare, clearly, never met a Fire Giant, who only inspirate the deepest hells of pain.  Everyone in the Realm of O.R.C.S. now has a leg up on The Wordsmith in this regard!

Fire Giants invaded camps and cities of every nation, and only one survived the onslaught — the mighty Tyrcath and her Northern Alliance fought off the giants on their doorstep.  For everyone else in the realm, there are only smoldering ashes and a pile of questions.

The war between Maalkara and Tyrcath drew to a close today, after Tyrcath sacked the capital two weeks ago.  The Tribal Lands were able to sack the Ascendian capital today, as well, perhaps marking an end to a long period of bloodshed in the realm.  What comes next for the Blue and Silver?  Where does Tyrcath turn her mighty war machine next?  What are R’lyeh and Eileana’ doing while the rest of the realm engages in bloody warfare?

Find out in two weeks, when Maalkara hosts Two Team battles!  See you March second, everyone!


So follow the events of the 148th day of the Winter season.

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[OOC] Welcome to the new!

Chaaaange places!

IT Marshal Michael Quell here.  I’m sorry about the recent downtime on the website, but the new website is now live on our domain! Hooray!

That being said, I’m combing everything over to fix dead links and images and the like. I’m also going to be adding a section for Senate Proposals, and updating the information on two recently-completed wars.

If you find any links that are broken, missing images, or anything else wrong with the new digs, please feel free to Tweet @ORCSLarp, leave a message on the Facebook group, or e-mail me at

Also, if you have any suggestions or content that you feel should be added to the website — pictures, country lore, anything — feel free to contact me, as well.  We have a shiny new digital home, and it’s the face of the club to everyone out there in cyberspace.  Let’s use it to our advantage!

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The Realm Companion for Winter 120 | Jan. 19 Adventure Day hosted by R’Lyeh

((The cold and winds can never damper the spirits of the Realm’s Adventurers!

A special thanks to the R’Lyehans for hosting our adventure today.  Every adventurer had the chance to bring home a prize, and the grueling gauntlet was challenging for even the most experienced adventurers.  Equal among its victims were high-ranking mages with ancient spells and  tough-as-nails clerics with impenetrable tower shields..Not even modern equipment could withstand the R’Lyehan gauntlet!

The turnout today was fantastic.  Be sure to bring out friends for our next event — a newbie-friendly Icebreaker hosted by the Tribal Lands of Eztal-Ajim!

Stay safe in the weather, and see you on February 2nd!))

So follow the events of the 120th day of the Winter season.

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[Event] Winter 106, 14 C.E. | (Country Battles, Jan. 5 Hosted by R’Lyeh)

((The new year of ORCS started off with a bang, with the war between Maalkara and Tyrcath heating up in some close fighting today!

Country rivalries were renewed as banner stood against banner in winner-take-all, no-alliance battles.  We had a good turnout of forty adventurers representing five countries.

Stay warm, and see you again at Gosnold’s in two weeks!))

So follow the events of the 106th day of the Winter season.

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[OOC] Your 2014 Executive Board + Marshals!

We are proud to announce ORCSLARP’s executive board for 2014!  The new members will start with our next event on January 5th.

  • President: Robert Dill
  • Vice-President: Randy Stowe
  • Secretary: Michael Martin
  • Treasurer: Jackson Barrow
  • Magistrate: Michael Napier

We also have selected our marshals for the next year!

  • Lead Weapon Marshal: Bryan Jenkins
  • Lead Armor Marshal: Tim Haviland
  • Costume Marshals: Shannon Escue, Jeremy Crouch
  • Event Marshals: Emily LeMay, Hunter Tench
  • Spell Marshal: Eunice Jenkins
  • Land Marshal: Bryan Jenkins
  • Potion and Scroll Marshal: Eunice Jenkins
  • Relic Marshal: Mike Johnson
  • Elder of the Tavern: Emily LeMay
  • IT Marshal: Michael Quell

Congratulations and best of luck to our newly appointed board members.  Here’s to a fantastic new year in the realm of ORCS!